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Learn the foundational elements required to create an executable development plan and presentation that magnetizes investors and key partners.

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A Proven Process Trusted by Many...









What You'll Learn

In This Masterclass


How to Go From Vision to Raising Funding

How we went from no experience and little money to now developing multiple projects, and ready to share our models with you.


How to Attract Stakeholders & Investors

How to share your vision in a way that makes your project become magnetic and attractive to investors, team members, and home buyers.


Our Proven Regenerative Development Model

An understanding of the regenerative economics, development, and systems of the New Earth Model, and how you can apply it to your project.


How to Master Your Presentation Materials

Learn the documents and materials you need to ensure that you are professionally prepared for your investment presentations.


Regenerative Systems Integration

Which regenerative systems can be applied to your community project for it to be most efficient, abundant and attractive.


Create Your Plan & Attract Investors


Gain Credibility & Confidence


Strategize Investment & Funding Methods

About the Founder

Kelly Krezek has 12 years of experience in financial planning, real estate investing, and sustainable community development. She has traveled to over 60 eco-communities across 7 countries and 3 continents and she has worked on 14 real estate development projects ranging from $5M to $400M in size. Kelly personally has raised millions of dollars for real estate projects and is currently working on regenerative development projects in Nicaragua and Costa Rica.


"We are here to bring about revolutionary societal change through regenerative culture and built environments. Recognizing the cutting edge technology and abundant natural resources available on Earth today, we are creating the models to eradicate poverty, homelessness, hunger, disease, war, and crime, now. Our purpose is to develop a new society in which all beings are free to thrive in unity and peace.

Our goal is to empower you to be able to have all the tools you need to get your regenerative real estate project off the ground, so you can be a part of creating a better world and solving global issues one community at a time."

Kelly Krezek

Founder & CEO

New Earth Development

Meet Our Team

At New Earth Development, we believe in the power of a team, trust, and a process, to create planetary solutions. Our team is driven support you on your journey every step of the way, into a new way life.

Joe McVeen

Co-Founder & Chief Growth Officer

8 years experience engineering business systems for scale. CEO of Viral Purpose Media, launching brands to a 400M+ influencer network. Storytelling, media, & marketing expert.

Lancelot Stukaloff

Chief Investment Officer

Managing Partner of Sphinx Capital, investor and real estate advisor. Arranged over $750M in equity and debt for real estate developments and projects nationwide.



What took our combined 28 years of experience to learn, we can now help you create in 5 weeks.

Emphasizing regeneration, well-being and financial feasibility, the New Earth Development Program provides an expert team and community to lead you into a successful regenerative development project.

Regenerative Funding Models

Access our proven proprietary systems, templates, and methodology to get your project off the ground

Guidance & Support

The help you need to learn the development process and how to get funding.

Like Minded Community

Learn tools and frameworks in a community setting while benefiting from the experience, practices, and perspectives from other regenerative development projects


What Others Are Saying...

“Working with Kelly and Joe is not only very inspiring because they are a luminous couple, but also because they compliment each other amazingly, in what most of the "Regenerative" Projects might normally need, Financial and Marketing Services. I would 100% recommend working with them both additional to all the incredible alliances and opportunities that you might also get through them."

Felipe Leall

Founder of Gaia Tierras Vivas, Colombia

"Lance is clear about his mission and purpose on this earth. Because of this, Lance brings a steadiness, dedication, and energy to projects that makes others both see the vision of what is possible, as well as galvanizes them to do the practical work that just needs to get done to make construction dreams a reality.”

Justin Kathan

Founder & CEO of Sanctuary, Texas

I studied business in college but Joe managed to make the business planning module light and playful and engaging for business management content that otherwise I thought I might have fallen asleep in class for. This container is working magic in amazing ways - as opportunities have arisen all around our land. This container has really helped to accelerate our clarity and progress of our project, we are so grateful 🙏

Skaia Koyich

Founder of Land Project in BC, Canada

It is so good to have this general overview and structure so I can project manage my vision. Now everyone in my network is lighting up because now I have a funding strategy and my vision is becoming very real.

Eileen Hall

Founder of Sustainable Land Project in Scotland

“I have worked with many business and financial people, but no one that has the expertise of actual regenerative development and experience with the land projects like you guys do. It helps to have other expertise like this in this new emerging field! Thank you so much for what you are doing and for putting together and providing this resource!”

Miranda Clendening

Founder of Land Project in Boulder, Colorado

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Setting an international standard for eco-communities, create a roadmap for other sustainable developers, and help people thrive in harmony with each other and nature.

Let’s accelerate the world’s transition to stronger ecological stewardship and regenerative systems.

"You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete."

- Buckminster Fuller

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